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Riot Brewing

Riot Brewing – Already Opened


Back in February, we understood that a brand new brewery is set to open this spring. However, little did we know that the people behind it are really making an effort in order to catch their tight deadlines? And while it was rather uncanny to think that the venue will be up and working this year, the facts are facts – Riot Brewing is open, and it’s up for business in Chemanius, BC. This is the mutual collaboration of brewing veterans Ralf Rosenke as well as Aly Tomlin – both co-founded the company. They teamed up with Morgan Moreira.


It’s also worth noting that the Head Brewer of Riot Brewing is Fabian Spect who used ot work at the Surrey’s Central City Brewing Co. With the blessing of the much acclaimed and reputable Brewmaster Gary Lohin, Fab is going to ahead and leave Vancouver in order to get in charge of the brewing process with a Riot!


About Fabian Specht


One of the things that have to be taken into account when discussing any kind of brewery, including Riot Brewing is the head brewer. As we already mentioned, this venue is going to be headed by Fabian Spect. He is a vet BC Brewer who manages to boast a significant and prominent brewing history over the years. He first started as an enthusiastic home brewer as well as an employee of the Brew-on-Premise. Back at the time, the company was located in the northern parts of Vancouver, BC.


Back in 1998, he managed to start his very first professional job as a brewer at the Sailor Hagar. In any case, ever since then, he has been improving and advancing under the tutelage of professional Brewmasters, and it’s safe to say that he’s more than well prepared to handle the Riot Brewing.


About the Riot Brewing


There are quite a lot of different styles as well as types of beers that would be available in the draught, 6-pack cans as well as 650ml bottles. Riot Brewing Co. has also included an on-site lounge with an area for growler fill. There are also food options as well as comprehensive brewing tours which are going to get the customers in line with the techniques and methodologies which are implemented for the delivery of the flawlessly brewed beers at the site. It is also perfect for different parties and events as it’s rather spacious. It definitely has a lot to offer, should you choose to take advantage.