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Steel Toad

Steel Toad Brewing: A Must-Visit for your Vancouver Brewery Tour

If you take a quick look at any Vancouver brewery map, you will realise how craft beer is changing the drinking scene in the area. You will be spoiled with choices, and in the end, you will be overwhelmed. You will most probably find it hard to decide which you should visit first, especially if you only have limited time. With this, one that should be on the list is Steel Toad Brewing, which is an essential for any beer connoisseur planning to have a Vancouver brewery tour.

Housed in a Beautiful and Historic Building

One of the reasons why this stands out from many other choices in Brewery Creek is the fact that it is situated in a building that is not only beautiful but also steep in terms of history. This gives it an edge above others. It is in the old Opsal Steel building, which has been restored to its full glory to serve as the home of Steel Toad Brewing. The building was constructed in 1918 by Dominion Construction. It was occupied by Columbia Block and Tool Company before Opsal Steel. The latter is a company that is involved in the manufacturing for rigging and forging equipment.

It took nearly five years before the building was restored to serve as the home of a now popular brand of Vancouver craft beer. The building has been disassembled, and majority of the other parts have been salvaged so that they can still be used. Many of the windows and lumber beams have been reused. They have been transported in a different location and have been restored. Even pictures of the old buildings has been kept and displayed in one side of the brewery today.

A Vancouver Brewery Tour You Should Not Miss

The historic building is just one of the things that you will find charming about this brewery. More than its structure, its highlight is its craft beer. They have a wide array of beer styles that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Some of their beers include Bohemian Pilsner, Raspberry Sour, Oatmeal Stout, and Yorkshire Best Bitter. More than just being a brewery, it is also a restaurant. They serve an excellent selection of fine dishes, which will be the perfect match for the beer.

Visiting Steel Toad Brewery is an experience in itself. The brewing setup is enclosed in a glass area and from the outside, you can see how their craft beer is made. It is not only a place to satisfy your thirst for artisan beer but also for your stomach to be filled with exquisite culinary delights.