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Strange Fellows

Strange Fellows Brewing Company


Vancouver craft beer has a long history and its own unique scene. Strange Fellows Brewing Company is a Vancouver craft beer brewery inspired by traditional craft beer and the unique areas in British Columbia. Each of their beers are use old world traditions and local, seasonal ingredients. Most of the beers created by Strange Fellows Brewing Company are on the sour side, as the owners Iain and Aaron have a thing for sour beers.


Starting in 2013, there was a blog named This blog was about the process behind opening a Vancouver craft beer brewery. This was the Strange Fellows Brewing Company story. The co-owners, Iain Hill, and Aaron Jonckheere posted all the work that they were doing to open Strange Fellows on the blog. At the end of 2014, Strange Fellows Brewing Company opened. There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get to the opening of the brewery, but there is now the most important part, craft beer.


Before opening Strange Fellows, Iain had worked in the brewing industry for over 20 years. Aaron takes care of the business and the sales for Strange Fellows. This partnership caused huge waves in the Vancouver craft beer scene, as no one knew what to expect from Strange Fellows. In a short time, Strange Fellows became a popular craft beer in Vancouver and British Columbia. Their craft beer can now be found at many restaurants and bars, and in some liquor stores in Vancouver.


Strange Fellows Brewing Company is located on Clarke Drive, in a building that you would not think was a brewery. The tasting room is open to the public every day, with most days having 8 beers on tap. Some days, there is live music at the Tasting Room. You can buy the craft beer that is on tap in the tasting room.


There is a window into the fill room so you can get a view of the brewing process. If you would like to see how Strange Fellows beers are made, you will need to take a guided brewery tour since the brewing rooms are not opened to the public.


Strange Fellow Brewing Company also just had the outside of their building renovated. They have added an area to lock your bike up, and have made the outside reflect the inside of the building. Since there is always a new craft beer on tap, this gives you more reason to drop in.


With Strange Fellows creating a huge variety of craft beers, it is no wonder that they have become a huge part of the Vancouver craft brew scene. Their beers change with the season, and each beer has its own unique flavour.