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Strathcona Beer Company

Strathcona Beer Company

Strathcona Tasting Room

In Vancouver, it is evident that craft beer has come to occupy a special place in most resident’s hearts.  With a large number of breweries, tasting rooms and growler fills, the local appetite for quality craft beer is growing with each passing day. It is because of this raging appetite that Strathcona Beer Company opened its welcoming crafty arms to the public and local residents of Strathcona, which is also one of Vancouver’s oldest neighborhoods. 

The Strathcona Brewery is situated on the corner of East Hastings and Campbell Street, right at the heart of the neighborhood. It was created by a group of friends namely Tim Knight, Adrian McInnes who is the Creative Director, and Brewmaster, Michael “Fezz” Nazarec. The friends came together to create the establishment because they had a strong affinity for the neighborhood and for craft beer in general.

Strathcona Brewery

The Strathcona Beer Company has a facility that is 12,000 square feet that can provide 67 seating spaces in the tasting room. It also has a gourmet pizza kitchen and a retail area dedicated to selling collaborations from other brewers and apparel.  Consumers and customers can sample the wide variety of beers from the tasting room, which has up to 12 rotating taps or they can top up their growlers in-house or purchase already packaged goods from the dedicated retail section.

Tasting Room

The tasting room here has a unique contemporary/ industrial feel; it is conscientiously designed from the concrete floors and the exposed bulbs to the yellow neon community sign that warms up the interior. The white fir bar and the communal tables offer patrons more than enough sitting space.  One section of the tasting room is a glass-walled area that has a collection of pop-up art and a string of posters containing information about local community events,

Strathcona's Beers

Strathcona mainly serves classic international beers such as the Belgian Golden Ale, a British IPA, and a quality Pilsner.  Seasonally, Strathcona will produce brews such as a Radler and Saison, which is a type of farmhouse ale that boasts of fruity aromatics and a restrained peppery profile.  To start things off, the founders of the brewery do not plan on canning or bottling, however, as the brewery continues to expand and become more popular, the bottling process might occur.  Aside from the quality craft beers, the brewery also serves delicious thin crust pies, different types of salad, cheese plates, popcorn and charcuterie that consist of salami, sausages, bacon and ham from the gourmet pizza kitchen.

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