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Swans Brewpub | Victoria Brew Pub

Swans Brew Pub | Victoria's Oldest Brewpub


A party or a celebration that is attended by grownups is incomplete without the supply of soothing and classic beer blends. It could be a Victoria beer tour, a graduation or corporate event, it cannot be pleasing to people if they are not going to get that perfectly blended beer that would make them feel different. Victoria brewery is equipped with the legendary beer and wine brewing professionals who ensure that every sip you make you make of their brewed would make you feel like never before. Through the use of natural ingredients and well-structured recipes, every beer is made to the preference standards of the user by Vancouver Island Breweries to make it special and unique.


Why Choose Swans Brew Up For Your Beer


Whether you are looking for crafted beer or manufactured beer, Swans Brew up pub would perfectly supply to you regardless of how many you are in the party. It deals with a group of 5 to 60 but even when you are over a hundred, arrangements can be made to make sure that you are fully catered for. All beers are crafted before being supplied to ensure that only the delicious and perfect tasting beer is supplied to you and your friends.


Every beer is perfectly created from approved recipes of excellent ingredients and within the highest hygienic standards to make sure that you enjoy without any side effects. Your Victoria beer tour would be satisfactory and entertaining when you get the new crafted brands that are made on your presence as you are watching to ensure that the beer meets your taste requirements. You can choose whether you want the bitter tasting one, the aromatic ones or any kind of taste and smell you want. With professionals who have more than five years’ experience in beer crafting, you would be pleased by their great works.


Your Beer Tour Would be Excellent


Victoria brewery tour would be rare to forget due to the wonderful facilities, and you, and your friends can enjoy on. You would not only be served with wonderful tasting beer, but you would also be served within the mesmerizing grounds that display serenity and solitude to give you a wonderful time to celebrate. Well-arranged and customized venues that are pimped to be typical for your tour. Comfortable seats and tables could be well installed at Brew Up bar grounds to ensure that your celebration becomes one of a kind.

Some of the beer brands you can enjoy include Riley’s scotch Ale, pumpkin ale, Legacy Ale and Indian Pale ale among many other special brands.