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Twin Sails

Twin Sails

Twin Sails Group Photo

If you find yourself at 2821 Murray Street, then you must make it a point to stop over at the Twin Sails Brewery located at the famous Brewer’s Row in Port Moody.  Twin Sails opened up indoors back in 2015, as the third microbrewery in the area.  The brewery was founded by two twin brothers Cody and Clay Allmin (They might be twins), who chose to give the establishment its name as a result of the sailboats, which can be seen regularly on the shores of the Burrand Inlet, which is located directly in front of the brewery.

Because the Port Moody region already had two other breweries before Twin Sales opened, the pair had to find a way to stand out from the others brewers, which is why Twin Sails mainly focuses on producing German brews, although the brewmaster, Dave Bridger, does dabble in other varieties once in a while.  They have since put out some stellar fruit style beers and what seems like a mecca for hop heads.  Stop for two flights, one of a good mix and another of 4 IPA's, you'll be glad you did.

Twin Sails Beer

Although the beers produced here have names that most people cannot pronounce such as Munich Dunkel, Roggenweizen, and Munich Dunkel, the beers produced are so high quality and intensely flavourful that brewery sometimes has trouble keeping up with the demand.  The tasting room in Twin Sails has a great open plan that is populated by a handful of tables and chairs, as well as a bar that serves the beers. 

From the tasting room, one can spot the brewery as the two are only separated by a partial wall.  Visitors to the tasting room can order growlers, pints or flights and can even have some bitings and small baked goods. On a lucky day, food trucks can be spotted parked outside to give patrons some variety in terms of food.  Stop at at least one if you are walking along this brewery route.  It will help your group last longer through out the day.

Aside from the Pilsner and the Hefeweizen that the brewery is known for, Twin Sails also produces cloudy, juicy pale ale, which is quite popular with customers.   With beers that consist of Juice Plus, Dat Juice (Fan favourite on most of our tours), and the wonderful Hot Take, which is an IPA that does not have the characteristic hop bitterness, the brewery is becoming more popular than ever. 

It also prides itself in producing the Day blink that has five percent ABV and fruity aspects that can also be found on the Simcoe hop. Twin Sails produces its juicy pale ale with large quantities of citrus and tropical fruit forward hops and a malt base without filtering the product before serving it up to customers in the tall austere colored white cans that have a unique typography and design.