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BC Cider | Vancouver, Victoria Kelown Cider Houses

BC Cider - Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island & Okanagan Cider

Vancouver Island Cider

Vancouver Island is one of the few places in North America you can do a tour of 2 or 3 Cideries/Cider houses in the same day.

There is three Cideries just outside of Victoria as well as a 4th opening summer 2016.


Merridale Cider | Cowichan Cider House

If you are looking for a day trip of something to do and are you close to Victoria BC, the Merridale Cidery might be a good choice. This cidery is located only 45 minutes north of Victoria, BC and offers a beautiful landscape for visitors to enjoy.

BC Cider | Merridale Cider tasting room

At Merridale sustainability is taken very seriously, there are no pesticides used and only friendly fertilizers are used to help with delicious and fruitful harvests. The folks at Merridale use only cider apple varieties that have been proven effective for centuries in England, France and Germany, it’s this dedication and attention to detail that brings you the most flavorful and best tasting ciders in the area.

Should you be in the mood for a weekend getaway you can always choose to book yourself a weekend stay in a traditional Yurt, these portable round dwellings have been used by nomadic groups in Central Asia for years. You can now book a yurt for a weekend getaway, for your wedding, or a romantic retreat to take some time away from it all. Bask in the natural beauty of the land, sip some of the most delicious ciders, and tickle your taste buds with delectable dining delights.

Speaking of weddings, Merridale Cidery offers wedding packages as well. Imagine walking down the aisle outside as the sun is beginning to set, the soft orange hues light up the sky and your guests stand to meet you as you glide down the aisle to your waiting groom. Once the vows are exchanged and that first kiss is given it is time to move across the beautiful landscape to the reception, but before you make it to the reception be sure to pause and take some breathtaking photos with your guests on the grounds.

Vancouver Island Cider | Merridale Ciderworks

Should cider not be your thing, Merridale offers a limited variety of spirits that are distilled right on the premises as well, spirits such as Cider Brandy, Cognac Style Grape Brandy, and Vodka just to name a few.

The Merridale Cidery is proud to say they will be joining the Victoria Wine Tour as well, the best option for tasting many different wines, ciders, and spirits from a huge selection of wineries, distilleries, and cideries. The Victoria Wine Tour will be sure to be a memorable and exciting time for you and your friends, should you decide to attend.


Tod Creek Cider | Victoria Cider

BC Cider Tour at Tod Creek Craft Cider Victoria

Located on the site of an old dairy farm, this is probably Vancouver Islands fastest growing Cideries.  Their new Cider tasting room just outside downtown Victoria is a great place to check out.  Tod Creek has 5+ different ciders you'll want to try.  Bring your growler! BC Cider for all.

Tod Creek BC Craft Cider Tour

Sea Cider | Victoria Cider

Sea Cider View

Your only challenge here is trying to find a way out to Sea Cider without having to drive.  It's only a 15-20 minute drive outside Victoria, just too far to bike.  You can try a flight of three or if you are daring split a flight of 9 with a friend.  We warn you, the flight are not small, portions are large and will leave you with a good buzz. This Victoria cider house is worth the drive and one of the coolest Cideries in BC. Have fun!Sea Cider Flight