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Port Moody Breweries

Port Moody Breweries

Port Moody Brewery Tour


This brewery row in port moody has exploded over the past few year.  With 4 craft breweries on the same road and a part across the street there is no wonder you see what seems like the entire community leaving with baby strollers from 8pm on Friday night.  It's perfect for everyone.

Perfect for a walking tour from the sky train (Only a 5-10 min walk) why wouldn't you want to visit the brewery row in Port Moody?

Yellow Dog Brewing Co.

Initially you could bring your dog along which was pretty awesome, it was only time before things changed but we are stoked they kept the pet friendly atmosphere as long as they did.  Not to worry, there's a lineup of beers here that will remind you of those good times with Fido.  Start with the "Play dead IPA" if your having a pint or lager if your having a flight.

Yellow Dog Bar

Moody Ales

Dan and Adam tarted something great here.  Opening in 2014, it quickly became a local favourate.  Moody Ales is stoked to announce that they buy all their brewing equipment locally.  This goes a long way in being "Craft" in BC by supporting the local economy.  You'll want to end with the Affable IPA, maybe end twice :)

Twin Sails Brewing

Bring your whole family.  That's one of the great things about the newer licences for Craft Breweries in BC, you can bring kids.  You can even bring your own food for a meal or a snack here.  So bring a growler and head to Twin Sails.

Twin Sails

Parkside Brewing

The newest addition also probably has the largest tasting room (Seat capacity).  They had a vision and went with it, knowing if you build it they will come.  There is most likely going to be a food truck around when you are there so look out for it!  Friday and Saturday are open till 11, most other days 8, 9 or 10.

The Parkside Patio

The Bakery

Port Moody's newest addition to the Port Moody Ale trail is the Bakery.  With smaller batch beer and beer you will probably find only in the testing room it's worth the stop!

Rewind Brewing

Based on a cool retro theme from the 80's and 90's this tasting room will bring you back to your childhood. 

Bonus: Also worth a stop: a few minutes away is Mariner Brewing!

Mariner Brewing

Located just 5-7 minutes from the Port Moody brewery district Mariner Brewing is a great stop if you want a little food on your way home.  Making some great beer since 2017, beer connoisseurs often miss out on this location because they spend all their time and money on brewery row in Port Moody.