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Nanaimo, Courtney, Cumberland, Comox Breweries

Nanaimo, Courtney, Cumberland Craft Breweries

Vancouver Island loves it's Craft beer!  One thing we love about these breweries are the seasonal's that change in the summer and winter.  The North Island starts to really take advantage of the fantastic patios in the summer.  Worth the road trip every time.

Nanaimo Breweries you need to Visit

White Sails - Downtown Nanaimo

 If you are passing through Nanaimo and are headed to the ferry terminal stop for a growler fill.  One you need to try here is their Snake Island. 

Wolf Brewing - Nanaimo

 Worth the trip any time.  Be sure to check the hour of operation before heading over.  A must see.  Take a seat at the bar and try a flight.

Mount Arrowsmith - Parksville

Longwood - Nanaimo

Cumberland, Courtney, Comox Breweries

Cumberland Brewing - Cumberland

You might want to get here early.  Every time I've drove past this brewery it has been
packed, especially on sunny days.

Gladstone Brewing | Courtenay

One Great thing about this region is the patio's, especially in the peak of summer.  Head to Gladstone Brewing for lunch and pick-up a pizza to share.

Forbidden Brewing

Props for anyone who knows why it's called Forbidden Brewing.  Our Questions were not able to be answered here.  This Brewery has unlimited potential and be sure to grab a flight and start playing Pacman on the sit down two person table.  Contains 7 games.