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Vancouver Breweries | Brewery Map

Vancouver Brewery Map | Top 10 Breweries 

With so many great breweries in Vancouver, how can you just visit one?  We have all our favourite Vancouver Craft Breweries listed below and even have a little map.  Feel free to use this to start your own self guided Vancouver Brewery Tour.

Vancouver Breweries

Brewery Creek  | Olympic Village Breweries

With almost 12 Breweries in this small area between Main street and East Vancouver, you could run a brewery tour from Brunch to closing.  See the Vancouver Craft Brewery Listings and Map below.

Brewery Creek Favourites:

Brassneck Brewing

You need to try their passive aggressive IPA.  It's a local favorite.  Opens at two on Sunday so do not be fooled.  Make sure to get there early if you want a seat at this Vancouver Craft Brewery.

Mainstreet Brewing

This is a great stop, one of our favorites on our Vancouver brewery tours. Built on the site of the old Vancouver Brewing Company from over 100 years ago.  Must try is the Naked Fox IPA.

33 Acres Brewing + 33B

With a few signature brews you need to check out there is something for each beer drinker in your group.  Great place to start your Vancouver Craft Brewery tour for a coffee and beer around brunch time.

33B is located right next door and has a relaxing atmosphere specializing in only smaller batch craft beer.  Everything in 33B available in cans (Until it sells out).

Red Truck Brewing

Truck stop inspired brewery with all day breakfast.  Good for any time of day or evening.  Beers here are safe and great for anyone looking to get into craft beer.  

Faculty Brewing

Small but you need to stop in.  Preferably around lunch or before the Friday night rush.  Our favorate is the mintiweizen.  Drop off you car share car here and work your way to another vancouver brewery in brewery creek afterwards for another flight.


In the former hall that used to be Steel Toad, this European style brew-hall is self service which makes it pretty quick to grab a beer and go.  Did we mention there are arcade games and pinball?

R&B Brewing

When the owners of Howe Sound took over they thought it would be a great spot to brew their beers instead of shipping from Squamish, little did they know the patio and a little sweat equity would turn this into a locals favourite.  

Electric Bicycle

Located on the same street at R&B, you can almost always find a spot here in this retro themed brewery.

East Vancouver Craft Brewery Listing

East Village BreweriesAfter a few Craft Breweries in this East Vancouver neighborhood you'll want to move in.  Have fun on your East Vancouver Brewery Tour.  Good luck getting through them all in a weekend.

Storm Brewing

Vancouver's oldest Brewery.  Built in 1994 ahead of its time. This brewery has over 180 rotating taps which they call Brainstorms.  Just to warn you, it's not professional at all and you will see flies.  Now that the warnings are done, you need to see this place. It is Iconic with Vancouver Craft Beer.

Parallel 49 Brewing

Ok, get here early.  This is a local favorite and if you get there after 3pm on a Saturday you will be fighting for a seat after a long wait.  Service can be a wild card and staff often looks overwhelmed but the beer is cheap.  With the opening of their new tap room your even more likely to find a spot to get in.

Powell Street Craft Brewing Co.

This fast growing East Vancouver craft brewery has a window that lets you see right into the Brewery. 

Bomber Brewing

Started by Hockey players,.. Is there anything more Canadian than that?  The seasonals are fantastic. You can drink more than one of all the beers on tap here. Bring a growler.

Strathcona Beer Co.

This will easally be one of your favorate hangouts.  With two great brew masters who treat their customers like family you'll find a home here.  If you think ahead, book this brewery for your holiday party.

Luppolo Brewing

Here's an IPA and an Imperial IPA you'll be coming back for for years.  Luppolo spent a lot of time and effort on the space here to make it perfect.  Absolutely love their brewing equipment!

Callister Brewing

Pretty awesome little spot with about 4 local craft breweries getting off the ground.  The beer is better than home brew and always has a few newby's you'll want to check out.

Andina Brewing

This Columbian inspired Vancouver craft brewery has a few treats for you.  Saviche! Plantain chips and oh of course some fantastic beers! Don't forget to bring your growler for a fill of your favourite!

Settlement Brewing (Formally Postmark Brewing

Such a cool building.  Located at Belgard Kitchen & Vancouver Urban Winery.  Go for some tasters while you wait for a table.  The food is worth the wait.

Off the Rail Brewing

Great rotating taps, you will not be disappointed here. Fan favorites are the Honey Ginger Ale & everything stout.

East Van Brewing

Located around the corner from Bomber and Off the Rail.

Downtown Vancouver Craft Brewery Listing (Kinda more Brewpubs)

Yaletown Brewing

Downtown Vancouver Brewery.  Yaletown also does spirits.

Steamworks Brewing (2 Locations in Vancouver, 1 in Burnaby)

Great IPA's, good food.  Setup as a brew pub in gas town, if your from out of town check it out.

The Rest of the Vancouver Craft Breweries:

Dogwood Brewing

If you are stuck on the Oak street bridge this is the stop for you.  15 minutes out of the brewery district, worth checking out.

Vancouver Craft Brewery Map:

We even put a few more extras on here from East Vancouver, South Vancouver, North Vancouver and Vancouver Island.