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Brewery Creek | Vancouver Craft Breweries

Brewery Creek | Big Rock Brewery Tour

Brewery Creek: A  Vancouver Craft Beer Experience

Vancouver has cemented its reputation as Canada’s craft beer capital. Among others, one of the most popular is a historic area known as Brewery Creek. Anyone who is interested in having a Vancouver brewery tour will most probably have this included in their itinerary. A part of a larger area known as Mount Pleasant, Brewery Creek is a stretch of waterway that is dotted by some of the up-and-coming breweries in the city. Vancouver Brewery, Doering&Marstrand Brewing Co., and Red Cross Brewery are amongst the first ones to open in the area. Today, it is home to a wide selection of companies that will make a good choice for a guided brewery tour.


Thinking of sampling the best beers the area can offer? Here are some that you should check out from Brewery Creek map.


Big Rock Urban Brewing

 Big Rock Urban | Brewery Creek Tour

Opened only in 2015, this is one of the newest in the area. Aside from the state-of-the-art production facility, they also have an in-house restaurant. The Hollow Tree Red Ale is one of their best brews.


Brewhall (Opened Summer 2018)


Opened in 2018 on the site of the old Steel Toad brewery, this collaboration brewery is owned by the team at Tap & Barrel. More than just a brewery, it is also a restaurant and has a few great arcade games. With Euripian beer hall style ordering and seating you'll have a good time here.  Over 350 seats!


Faculty Brewing


Opened in May 2016, this is one of the newest members of the family in Brewery Creek. The tasting room is academia-themed, which is also reflected in the names of their beers, like 421 Cascadian Pale Ale.

 Faculty Brewing Vancouver Group events

Red Truck Brewing

 Red Truck | Brewery Creek

This brewery is known for their wide selection of craft beer to suit every palate which is why some people assume that they are just like mainstream beers. The Red Truck Ale is one brew you should try.


Brassneck Brewing


Established in 2013, it has been popular for its diverse selection of brews and a tasting room that has a social atmosphere. Their One Trick Pony is one of their best brews, but it is not easy to find, even from their own brewery.


R & B Brewing Company


Established in 1997, this is known as one of the original microbreweries in Vancouver, making it a staple for a guided brewery tour. Don’t forget to try their East Side Bitter.

 R&B Group outing

Electric Bicicle

Just as cool as it sounds, this brewery creek brewery opened in early 2018.  Small and has a unique 80's videogame vibe.

33 Acres Brewing


The minimalistic appeal of this brewery is one thing that makes it popular for Vancouver craft beer. Their 33 Acres of Sunshine is one that you should try!


Main Street Brewing Co.

 Main Street Brewing | Brewery Creeek

Its opening in 2014 could have been done much earlier but licensing and processing of other requirements contributed to the delays. The tasting room has a laidback feel. If this will be part of your Vancouver brewery tour, try their Naked Fox IPA.


Strange Fellows Brewing Company


Old world traditions and west coast originality inspired the brews that they make. They have aged beers, which is why you can expect that they are sour. Krampus, Blackmail, and Canary are some that you should try.