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Kelowna Breweries


Kelowna Breweries

Kelowna Breweries (Kelowna Brewery Map)


If you happen to be in or around the city of Kelowna and decide to make the well needed trip to a craft brewery, here are the Kelowna breweries you should seriously consider. In addition to serving up the best of craft beer Kelowna, tours are organized through Canadian Craft Tours.  2 places to drink and bowl, the Kelowna Saturday night.

Kelowna Breweries & Brewpubs

Tree Brewing (Beer Institute)

Since its establishment in 1996, Tree Brewing has been responsible for brewing the finest beers in Kelowna. Their smooth light and crisp 100 percent Malted Barley craft beer is brewed using old-age techniques to create their signature leap beer smoked bock. Complementing their fine brewing is their local dishes and gastronomies.  

Where there was once two Tree Brewing tasting rooms in Kelowna there is now one big one, you need to check out.  Both located downtown, Tree Brewing Institute beer has crowlers for sale!  Always worth doing a guided flight tasting on the off-sales side.

Location: 1346 Water St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9P4

Tree Brewing Kelowna

BNA Brewing Co

BNA Brewing Co opens its doors to beer enthusiasts and Okanagan breweries tours from 1-6 pm daily. While you are there, sample their finest beers such as the Blood Sugar Hops Magik, Pancho, Earl, Local Native, Pamela, Liger, Unknown Brother. Aside from tours, BNA Brewing hosts corporate lunches and birthday parties.

Location: 1250 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1Z4, Canada

Freddy's Brewpub (McCurdy Bowling)

If your driving through Kelowna, this is the perfect place to stop for a pint along the way.  Kelowna's first micro-brewery & brewpub the people here will make you feel welcome and tell you a little about the brewing process.

Big Surf Beer Co.

For those surfing enthusiasts visiting Okanagan, Big Surf Beer Co. is a beer you'll see along the path here in Kelowna.  Sample their Laid Back Lager and Honey Brown Lager to cool you off as you relax and unwind. Wolfgang Hoess, Big Surf Beer Co. brew master uses his 40-year experience to brew one of Canada’s finest beers.  We have not visited the tasting room here and can not confirm if there is a tasting room.


Location: 8860 Jim Bailey Crescent, Kelowna, BC V4V 2N4, Canada

Kettle River Brewing

Your going to love the patio here.  This place has grown since 2017 from a hobby brewery to a full brewery.  Over the years they have added tons of equipment as well as a newer patio to enjoy your beers on sunny days. Perfect for a brewery tour on a sunny day but get there early as it fills up.

Location: 731 Baillie Ave, Kelowna

Kettle River Kelowna Brewery

Kelowna breweries we highly recommend for tours and just catching up with mates over a cold glass of your favourite brew: Vice & Virture, BNA.

Vice & Virtue Brewing Brewing 

Opened in summer 2018.  Those of you looking for a some good craft beer at a brewery in Kelowna will be in for a treat.  Suggest you get to Vice & Virtue a bit early on Friday and Saturday as the tasting room holds about 40 guests.   If you heard the food here is fantastic you heard right.

1033 Richter Street, Kelowna BC

Boundary Brewing

Located only 10 minutes from downtown Kelowna boundary brewing opened in late 2017 and is adding more and more beers & equipment over time.  Boundary is worth the venture out to and has a great patio in the back you can sit on.  It wont be a bonkers as the downtown Kelowna breweries.

Wild Ambition Brewing

Home to a few amazing sours this smaller brewery is located close to Boundary brewing.  If you are driving by, you'll want to stop in and check it out.  It's not super lould like downtown Kelowna on a Saturday but rather more relaxing and the owners are generally there to tell you a little about the beer.

Red Bird Brewing Co

Kelowna's newest craft brewery on the trail.  Red Bird opened in August 2017 and started serving their own beer quickly afterward.  They are in a central spot in Downtown Kelowna and might be worth a stop along your downtown brewery tour.

1086 Richter St, Kelowna BC

Red Bird Brewing

West Kelowna Brewery & Distillery

Kind Brewing (West Kelowna)

West Kelowna's only craft brewery opened in December, 2017. Owner/operator and brewer, Joe Slykerman opened with a tasting license and small retail area. Most recently, Joe received a lounge endorsement from the City of West Kelowna allowing for a full inside and patio lounge. He now serves up pints and bar snacks in addition to flights and growler fills. Joe currently has a selection of five beers on tap and is constantly brewing new varieties. Kind Brewing is a great space with great people and tasty beers. Awesome stop on your brewery tour in the Okanagan!

Location: 2405 Main St, West Kelowna, BC


kind brewing

Bonus** Craft Distillery

Urban Distillery (West Kelowna Distillery - Opening date TBA)

Urban Distillery is considered to have the best distillery tours in Okanagan. Begin your journey inside their spirits tasting bar and then proceed to the Cocktail & Martini bar to sip their signature cocktails. Their Spirit Bear Espresso Infused Vodka is a local favourite with its unique vanilla and coffee flavours that will have you coming back for more.

Location: 325 Bay Ave #6, Kelowna, BC V1Y 7S3, Canada

Urban Distilleries