Penticton to Oliver Craft Breweries - CANADIAN CRAFT TOURS
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Penticton to Oliver Craft Breweries

Penticton to Oliver Breweries

Penticton Breweries

This region started as a wine region and is soon becoming an amazing stop for craft beer & spirits.  Stop through the Okanagan ale trail and visit breweries such as Bad Tattoo & Firehall.

Penticton Craft Breweries

Not just wine anymore! Be sure to take a trip to Highway 97 and Cannery!  If you are in for some great Pizza but don't mind the wait you can head over to Bad Tattoo.

Bad Tatoo

Highway 97

Cannery Brewing

Tin Whistle

Oliver Craft Brewery

Home of Canada's bold red wines this region is starting to have breweries & distilleries.  Tour anyone?