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BC Seasonal Release Brewery Tours

Fall '18 Seasonal Release Brewery Tours

Seasonal Release Brewery Tour

Seasonal Release Brewery Tours

Seasonal Release Brewery Tours - Multiple BC routes leaving from: Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Penticton, Port Moody, North Vancouver, Squamish, Sea to Sky - Vancouver to Whistler.

Canadian Craft is your gateway to the seasonal releases across the province this fall.  As the Radlers of Summer start to sell out, the long anticipated Fall "Fresh hop" IPA's & Saison's are starting to brew!  Join a group tour as we introduce you into fall seasonal craft beer before they sell out.  Fresh hop season is like Christmas for beer geeks and with it comes other styles such as "Saisons", "Oktoberfest","Seasonal Ale's".

Gather a group of friends or join a public brewery tour between September 29th and October 8th and join in on the fall release festivities.

Public tour schedules can be found on the blue booking widget at the top and bottom of this page.  Private tours can be organized daily of 8+ guests.

All Seasonal Release Brewery Tours In Each City Include:


Vancouver Brewery Tour | Seasonal Release Brewery Tour

Vancouver Brewery Tour to Strathcona

All Brewery Tour dates between October 5th and October 14th are part of our seasonal release brewery tours.  This is our regular Vancouver public brewery tour but on performanenhancinging "Hops"


Victoria Brewery Tour | Seasonal Release Brewery Tour

Outside of downtown Victoria, there are a couple breweries you might not have been to yet.  Most tours are headed to Category 12 and Moon Under water, Phillips or Twa Dogs brewing. 3 of the 4.  This tour is similar to our Victoria Public Brewery Tour plus includes only seasonal beers you can get in the fall.

Twa Dogs Brewing | Victoria Caledonia:

Vancouver Island Brewing:

Victoria Brewery Tour | Victoria Caledonia

Nanaimo Brewery Tour | Seasonal Release Brewery Tour

Our usual brewery tour with a twist of offering all the seasonal's from our three favourite breweries in Nanaimo.  Our Nanaimo Brewery Tours pickup at 100 Front street above trollers.


Kelowna Brewery Tour | Seasonal Release Brewery Tour

Join us for three breweries in downtown Kelowna.  First we take a tour through BNA brewing for a behind the scenes tour.   Breweries we visit on the Kelowna Brewery Tour.

BNA Brewing

Kettle River Brewing

Tree Brewing


Kelowna Brewery Tour

Penticton Brewery Tour | Seasonal Release Brewery Tour

It's the tail end of summer and you'll want to ensure you get a chance to stop through a few great breweries in Penticton before the ski season starts.  Join Canadian Craft Tours as we take you three of our favourite Okanagan breweries.

Bad Tattoo 

Cannery - 

Hwy 97 Brewing


Port Moody Brewery Tour | Seasonal Release Brewery Tour

You've most likely heard the buzz around the breweries in Port Moody.  Guests can meet our minibus at 999, Canada Place in Vancouver or meet us at the first venue 30 minutes after the tour start time.  We start this tour off with a great tour at Yellow Dog and work our way to two more breweries along the Port Coquitlam Ale trail.  Here in port moody we visit Yellow Dog as well as two of the other 3 breweries:

Yellow Dog - Tour & Tasting:

Moody Ales

Parkside Brewery

Twin Sails

Port Moody Brewery Tour

North Vancouver Brewery Tour | Seasonal Release Brewery Tour

With it's own craft beer culture that rivals almost anywhere in Canada, if you haven't been to the breweries in North Vancouver, let Canadian Craft be your gateway to North Vancouver.  This tour leaves from 999 Canada Place and tour's round trip to three of the following craft breweries.

Hearthstone - Tour & tasting flight

Bridge Brewing

Deep Cove Brewing


Squamish Brewery Tour | Seasonal Release Brewery Tour

The Squamish beer scene has exploded this past summer!  With iconic Howe Sound and now two great tour partners you'll want to head to these of these craft breweries as soon as you get a chance.  This tour starts and ends in Squamish with private parties being able to be picked up in Vancouver at 999 Canada Place 1 hour and 15 minutes before the tour time and driven back to Vancouver for no additional cost.  Amazing right?

A-Frame Brewing

Backcountry Brewing

Howe Sound Brewing

A-Frame Brewing

Sea to Sky Brewery Tour - Vancouver to Whistler

This tour visit's the best of the Sea to Sky corridor.   With stops at craft breweries in North Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler it's perfect for a group outing or just to make new friends.  This tour runs about 8 hours from start to finish and private groups can make a 2 hours stop in the Whistler village or opt to stay in Whistler for dinner before heading home.

North Vancouver - Hearthstone

Squamish - A-Frame

Whistler - Coast Mountain

Seasonal Release Brewery Tours