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Vancouver Island & Victoria Craft Brewery listing & map

Vancouver Island & Victoria Brewery Map

With plenty of Craft Brewery's to choose from in both Vancouver & Victoria, few tours are the same.  Take a Vancouver Craft Brewery tour or a Victoria Craft Brewery tour.

We have added a few of our favorite "Tap houses" to the list of tasting rooms.

Victoria Breweries

If you are reading this, you or someone close to you most likely loves BC Craft Beer.  In the provincial capital of Victoria there is nearly 12 breweries within an hour drive.  Which Victoria breweries have the best beer & tap rooms?  Which tap rooms have a kitchen and great food? And which make for the best Experience overall?

There is two directions you can head when looking for craft beer in Victoria and they are both north.  Victoria is like a horseshoe.   Both directions have fantastic Breweries, Distilleries, Wineries and Cideries.

There is plenty of craft breweries to get a tasting flight in Victoria.  For a day in or around Victoria you can choose from:

Category 12 Brewing - Fan Favorite 

The Victoria brewery for beer drinkers who love beer. This might be our favorite stop at Canadian Craft Tours.   Recommendations? All of them.  But if you are only there for 3 or 4, top of the list needs to be their Black IPA, Wild IPA and anything just released.  Once you get in the tasting room you’ll see why your there.  Want to see what really goes into your making your beer? Ask for a tour.  Oh, and seriously bring a growler – or two.


Just out of downtown, known for their vast array of beers on tap.  Grab a tasting flight for a donation or just try a couple while waiting to fill your growler. 

Vancouver Island Brewery

Looking for easy drinking beer? Maybe your new to beer or have someone with you who likes easier drinking beers?  All the beers here are “Sessionable” and go down easy.  Wondering what I mean by “sessionable”? It’s a nice way of saying you could drink a bunch in one session.


Go to Hoyne - then Driftwood. If you are doing one, you might as well do both.  Located next door to each other.  Head in to buy a bomber or a growler fill and stay for a tasting.  This is not a full tasting, but you get a couple ounces of your favs like Hoyne’s Dark Matter or pilsner.


Home of the famous "Fat tug IPA" this is a small tasting room that is perfect for picking up growlers and bombers on your way to a weekend day out.  Be sure to ask what is coming up next as you'll want to be in the know.


It’s worth the stop, the beer here is good.   You can get a growler fill and a couple of quick samples while you wait.

Victoria Brew Pubs




Moon Under Water  

If you are around Monday’s stop by Moon Under Water for $5.00 pints and $10 nachos.

Okay, now we have exhausted the Brewery’s and Brew Pubs in Victoria.  Now what?  Well my friends, you are only half way there.   To truly experience all that Vancouver Island has to offer you need to head north!

De Vine Vineyard & Distillery

Okay I get it, Wine is not beer but there is a secret gem here you need to experience.  Besides, your partner in crime (AKA driver) might drink wine and you needed a ride to Category 12 down the street.  Oh did I mention they also do spirits?  The Wine or Spirits card should be easier to sell to someone who doesn’t know they love beer yet.   De Vine is also a Distillery.  Gin (3 kinds), Rum, Whiskey, Vodca, Vermooth and Brandy.  There is plenty here to try, good luck choosing only one favorite.

Victoria Caledonian - Twa Dogs

The newest location on the Vancouver Island beer trail.  On your way to Category 12, this production brewery is worth a stop.  Stop by for a taster flight a tour or a 6 pack to go.  Opened August 2016.


The Other North – up the Mallahat 

Axe & Barrel - Langford, BC

If you are from Langford and havn’t given this a try, it’s now time.  We have heard a few times on our tours “It’s not the same as it used to be”.  Well my friends that is because it was old, out dated and we are now in the 21st century.  Craft Beer is in, piss water lager is out.  Chicken and waffle, need I say more?  Ask for a recommendation on lunch or dinner and you won’t be disappointed.   The beer menu is fantastic; the food is great. Be sure to stop by the tap room for a taster and a growler fill before or after.

Sooke Brewing

Sooke Oceanside

Red Arrow - Duncan, BC

All right, here's a insider tip.  Sweet leaf IPA. Yes your welcome.  Great stop on a road trip through or take a brewery tour with Canadian Craft Tours.

Riot Brewing - Chemainus, BC

Located in Chemainus BC this is great stop on your Vancouver Island brewery road trip.  Stop for a flight and relax with some great people that live in this smaller BC town.


Nanaimo, Courtney Cumberland Brewery Listing


Wolf Brewing

Nanaimo or bust right?  If you are passing through you’ll need to make a stop at Wolf for a tasting rack.  Although it is in an industrial area, it’s so close to the city you won’t even notice.  Worth the trip every time.  Take a seat on the bar and kick back.

Longwood Brewpub or Brewery

You have two to choose from here. You’ll want to check out the Brewpub for some nano brews on tap.

White Sails Brewing

You’ll rarely be disappointed here.  Take a friend and try a tasting rack or two.  Great view of the brewing area from the tasting room.  Get there early!

Gladstone Brewing - Courenay, BC

Here is your perfect summer getaway.  A little food, and beer are the perfect mix on this small town patio.  Try two flights and walk back to your hotel.  Sorry folks, no uber here!

Forbidden Brewing - Courtney, BC

Well, here we found it.  Video games and craft beer.  Stop now.  You'll love the pac man and donkey kong table.  Don't spill your beer while you play, we know it's going to be tough.

Cumberland Brewing - Cumberland, BC

When you walk around this town one starts to wonder, where are all the people?  It's a quiet little town with few cars and people on the streets.  Oh wait, we found them!  They are all on the patio at Cumberland Brewing.

Tofino Brewing Company

Last but certainly not least is Tofino Brewing Company.  If you only try one, let it be the Kelp Stout.  This video below will tell you why you need to check out this brewery.


So there it is, your mission if you choose to accept it is to try them all this year.  By next year we should have a new brewery in Victoria and what looks like another two in Sooke.  As the BC Craft Brewey market continues to grow, the sky is the limit.  By the end of 2016 there should be 138 Brewery’s in BC, 71 Distilleries and another 240 Wineries.   Sky is the limit with breweries as we are only at 25% of the market, and the BC beer market is over 1.1 Billion in BC alone.